Steve Ayers - Product Designer

Steve works for world-class corporations and startups in the greater Research Triangle Park.
He is currently employed at MercuryGate, previously at General Electric, Ferguson.

Feature Work

Event Planning (Mobile)


B2B & B2C eCommerce


B2B Utility (Mobile)

Many Hats

Product Owner

Identify profitable opportunities for the product portfolio based on customer interactions, analytics data and market needs.


UX Designer

Define customer personas and develop journey maps to guide feature ideation.


Creative Designer

Advocate for design best practices as influenced by the latest innovations and emerging trends



Analyze results of studies and convey conclusions to the stakeholders in an engaging and actionable manner

Steve has worked for  startups, enterprises, and tech companies including Weaver, MercuryGate, Ferguson, and General Electric. His focuses are in the customer experience make sure it is world class.  He has lead successful product launches, transformational product & design teams and  demonstrates design leadership.


  • Delivering innovative products

  • Solving customer problems

  • Demonstrate Benefits of UX to the business bottom line

  • Provide Design Leadership

  • Defining and prioritizing work

  • Communicating with customers, vendors, and stakeholders

  • Building Product and Design Teams

  • Developing Design Enterprise Design Systems

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